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We at Martin Door, like all of you, are very concerned with the Coronavirus pandemic.
Martin Door is doing its best to maintain a safe environment for our employees and have strictly instituted procedures and processes that will protect our customers, employees and others who may visit our facility. Currently, in the state of Utah, we are considered an “Essential” business and we are doing our part to support dealers who are considered “Essential” as well.

While we have taken the necessary steps to arrange our manufacturing floor to practice “Social Distancing” and have employees work from home where possible, we are still operating at normal capacity. At this moment, no lead times have changed, and no products or services have been curtailed. We will keep you informed of any events that may change this status in the future and we wish all of you success, health and happiness during these trying times.

For our will-call dealers who pick up doors in person, please follow these guidelines:

  • You will receive quicker service when you arrive to pick up doors or other items if you call ahead at least two hours in advance so we can have everything pre-pulled.
  • When you arrive at Martin, try to stay outside in your truck if at all possible. Just call us and we can process your order and take a credit card over the phone. For loading, please back your truck into the dock area, but stay inside your truck and the Martin dock personnel will load you. If you need to come inside, please keep a safe distance (at least 6’) from other people and wear a mask if you own one (Martin can provide you with a mask if necessary).
  • Please call customer service at 801-977-4234.
  • Due to slightly reduced staffing, if you need to pick anything up after 4:30 pm, you must call in advance.
Thank you for your attention to this.

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